How Testing Laboratories Works

How Testing Laboratories Works

Food testing and analysis is the essential part for a food manufacturing industry to the production of safe and quality products. With the Food and Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai the food manufacturing companies are increasingly depending on the laboratories for the scrutiny of their product to ensure safety reports and compliance of their products with food safety regulations. The whole process aims to safeguard the health of the public.
The Food testing Labs in Dubai employs a comprehensive range of food testing services including allergic test, microbiology test for detecting pathogens like E.Coli, listeria, salmonella, and organisms like yeast and moulds, and also includes shelf life testing. The Food testing Labs in Dubai also carry out nutritional and species identification to meet the customer’s chemical and nutritional requirements.

The experts in the Food and Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai offers services like testing for residues and contaminants in food and water, especially during food packaging services, testing with genetically modified organisms and purified water analysis. Apart from conventional methods latest methods and technologies are used to improve quality, efficiency, risk factor analysis, and adding market value to the client’s product.
Steps to be taken during the testing of sample
Once the food and water samples collected, the Material Testing Laboratory in Dubai carries out the following test to confirm the quality of the food based on the legal food standards.
Food tested for allergens
The Material Testing Laboratory in Dubai uses cutting-edge technologies like Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) testing to determine the actual presence of allergens. The accuracy ranges are made from high to low level. The technicians with profound knowledge also easily identify the correct level of allergens. As per legal standards, allergens recorded are considered, and the laboratories carry out the test to completely detect the allergens and give suggestions to avoid their recurrence.
Quality check to determine the chemical and nutritional value
The chemical and nutritional testing service is done by first analyzing the nutritional value of the customer’s product in compliance with the legal food regulations and market value of the product. The chemical value testing accurately identifies the percentage of essential components and hazardous chemical thereby certifying the food product. During labeling of the product, the quantity is also checked to ensure the client’s profit. While monitoring the quality of food products like meat, microbial identification is carried out.
Food packaging testing
The testing labs provide a comprehensive solution for packing of foods including food contact testing, migration testing, saliva testing, hazardous material testing and many more. The laboratory assesses the necessary information like manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients and compositions concerning the product.
Genetically modified organism detection
The testing labs offer a complete GMO detection service and certify the quality of the organisms used. The following steps ensure quality control and GMO status assessment for the products and during the production service. The analytical expertise of the testing labs in GMO is designed to meet the regulatory body and consumer demands.
Microbiological testing
In the stages of food production, the foods are easily prone to microbial infections. Steps should be taken to maintain hygiene, contamination preventions and quality checking for the customer’s, retailers and manufacturers. The microbiological testing focuses on the protection of consumer’s health by detecting the harmful microorganisms in the food and other packed products. The microbes can rapidly reduce the shelf life product of the food and the service at the testing laboratory tailors the service for storing and protecting the food for a long time.
Followed by the various test in the food product, the testing laboratory certifies the reliability of the product, and they legally enter the market.
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