Food and Water Testing Process in Dubai Laboratory

Being an acclaimed food and beverage brand requires you to win the trust of your end users by providing them with the purest and quality product from your warehouse. Food and water testing laboratories in Dubai have set a standard in the domain with the use of highly relevant techniques hence adding towards the aim of serving extremely safe food items to serve the mankind. The Material testing laboratory in Dubai ensures that the product is 100% safe and free from any sort of contamination. 
The food testing is a domain that requires a great amount of knowledge, dedication, and patience. The food testing labs in Dubai are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and personnel to meet the emerging need of the hour.
Let’s have a look at some of the major key points governing food and water testing:
Why is it needed?
Apart from ensuring that the food meets the desired level of purity it also works to be a platform that describes the present quality and further assist in improvising the constitution of your food items in order to soothe the taste buds and win the trust of the end users.
What guidelines are to be met?
The Food and water testing laboratories in Dubai explains that in order to pass the elementary test the food items and water supplied by your brand needs to meet several national and international standards which are accomplished by putting the goods under series of tests held under the careful analysis of professionals.

What are the food and water characteristics to be analyzed:
The chief observable attributes of the food items and water are:
 Nutritional content
Overall appearance
 Contamination agents comprising of chemical, physical and microbiological
 Adulterants comprising of incidental or intentional food adulterants
What are the various food analysis services:
The Food testing labs in Dubai are known to have an excellent track record in performing the following services:
 Food chemistry
  Food preservatives, contaminations, and allergens
  Food microbiology
    Analysis of the shelf life of food items
    Labeling with the accurate analysis of nutrients
  Analysis for residues of pesticides in food and water
   Portability and toxicity of water

Which are the prominent food items undergo the analysis:
Although the testing and analysis are performed on each and every eatable and drinkable item some of the important heads for the consumables are:
 Confectionary & Bakery products
 Milk & Dairy products
Meat & Poultry products
 Fish & Seafood products
Packed food containing ready to eat supplies
 Sugar & sugar products
Canned foods
 Processed food items
Spices & Condiments
Cereal, pulses & Flour products
 Beverages both alcoholic & Non-alcoholic
ΓΌ Raw and processed water
 Tea & Coffee products
 Nut & nut products
 Animal feed
The biggest benefits of analyzing the quality of food and water
The Material testing laboratory in Dubai determines numerous benefits of checking the content and quality of the consumable items. Some of the major among them are:
  The accurate idea of the content and the nutritional value of each of the ingredient
  A must for ensuring food safety in concern to public health 
   Assistance in improvising the contents and the overall quality of the food items
To formulate the perfect diet plan for a person in accordance with his/her          nutritional needs
  The basis for new and updated food production
  Formulation of food preservation mechanisms
   To maintain the consistency of the product


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