How to find the best soil, material and chemical testing Laboratory in Dubai

When you are interested in consulting a testing laboratory for your requirements, the very first thing you might look into is the uniqueness and the service of the laboratory. During the testing, high skilled lab technicians and high technologized tools provide better results. Collecting all the available resources before testing the components is very compulsory.
Many testing labs in Dubai have involved themselves in providing the correct solution to their clients. Overall, testing the resources will eventually help you avoid confusions and take clients on the right intended path without any third thoughts.
How to choose the best Material testing lab:
Before choosing the Material Testing Laboratory in Dubai, you need to look into the different forms of testing available in the market for the materials testing.
Some different forms of testing methods in Material Testing lab are mentioned below:
Accelerated UV testing:
A Good Material testing lab will use xenon arc or fluorescent sources for material testing.  Materials like paints, coatings, plastics are tested to check their eminence to withstand the UV rays.
UPF testing:
Ultraviolet Protection Factor is a spectral transmission investigation which can calculate accurately how much Ultra Violet radiation permeates materials. The UPF Rating Scale should be between 15 and 50.
Transmission testing:
High reputed Material testing Laboratory in Dubai provides accurate testing results for the typical materials like
  • Awning materials
  • Display cases
  • Clothing fabrics
  • Optical filters
  • Medicinal packaging
Spectral-radiometric testing:
Trained Lab technicians provide accurate results for the sensors and light sources. Some of the important sources tested are
  • Terrarium spotlights
  • Photo-stability Lamps and Sensors
  • Tanning Lamps
  • Xenon Lamps
  • Sensors
  • Weathering Chamber Lamps
Soil Nutrients and Soil testing:
Testing laboratory will find the requirements needed for your soil after doing the evaluation with the soil sample provided. Soil Testing Labs in Dubai will help the clients after testing their sample soil. With the Lab reports, Soil Testing Labs in Dubai will guide you in the following areas:
  • PH level maintenance
  • Fertility level of the principal nutrients
  • The total amount of lime your soil needs
  • Fertilizer as nutrients essential to be added to your soil
  • Amount of fertilizer your crop needs
Nutrient Elements and their role:
In every Chemical Laboratories in Dubai nutrient elements in the soil is estimated to find the quality and to know the crop to be harvested. Role of these nutrients in the soil is very much essential for various needs.
Primary Nutrients:
  • Nitrogen- Building blocks of proteins.
  • Phosphorous- Helps in the development of healthy root systems, early growth, early maturity and seed production
  • Potassium- Helps in disease resistance.577df2ce9ec6680e5c484272
Secondary Nutrients:
  • Sulphur- form proteins in the soil.
  • Calcium- Activates enzyme system.
  • Magnesium- plays a vital role in phosphate metabolism and plant respiration.
Also, the testing labs evaluate the number of micro-nutrients like copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, chlorine and molybdenum present in the soil to ensure the soil is fit for your requirement.
Factors for choosing testing labs in Dubai
For obtaining better results testing laboratories in Dubai are so determined based on the following factors:
Cost-effectiveness: Cost of the test is one of the factors commonly considered. Various chemical laboratories in Dubai guarantee economical testing methods for its customers.
Logistics of accessibility: The location and distance of the testing center widely influence the users. Even for laboratories at a remote location with convenient courier service and transport facility is acceptable.
Quality and reliability of test: The most prominent feature a testing laboratory should provide is its quality; customers selecting the labs consider this feature before assigning their sample.
Your testing should promise the customers the reliability in the field. So customers check for laboratories which can provide them the best service.


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