Keep Harmful Chemical Compounds away from the Foods with Laboratory experts

Many harmful chemical compounds are present in the foods these days cause severe health-related issues on the children as well as on the all aged people. Technological development and the people awareness among the food products makes them approach the Foodand Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai as these institutes have the most experienced laboratory staffs in hand to test and evaluate the quality of the foods which is most necessary for all the human daily in taking.
Acrylamide - A harmful chemical substance
There are lot things needed to be noticed before eating a food so that the food we intake will not cause any health-related issues to us. Acrylamide is a chemical substance normally occurs when heating over the temperature of 120 degree Celsius for the high starch content available foods like potatoes, bread and much more. It is a byproduct of carbohydrates and is extensively used during the production of plastics, papers, polymers, etc. Material Testing Laboratory in Dubai is working along with the big food production industries to eliminate this chemical substance during the food making process.

Health risk observed in animals
Renowned Food testing Labs in Dubai conducts various experiments on animals and determined that acrylamide is having a huge impact on the animals.
·         When mice tested, they determined the neurotoxicity along with the decrease in the sperm count and ovarian cysts in the female mice.
·         When rates tested, they are subject to the neuron problems after the consumption of the acrylamide chemical compounds present in the food. Urinary bladder distension, gland issues, and more issues noticed during the evaluation.
Health impacts observed in Humans
Humans come into picture when people found acrylamide substance is causing many health issues. So, many Food and Material Testing Laboratory in Dubai is conducting many experiments continuously to keep the people aware of the harmful substances present in the food.
·         Young children eating more and more French fries finds with the high level of acrylamide in their blood, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep the child away from the over fried foods.
·         Tumor development on the lungs and brains are highly possible with this acrylamide chemical compound. So people who consume tobacco will be affected one day.
·         It also damages the pancreas, upsets the blood sugar and affects the immune system too.
Tips to reduce the level of acrylamide at home
You can decrease the effect of acrylamide when you cook the high starch content foods in your home. Here we bring some useful tips for cooking avoiding acrylamide chemical compound in your food:
·         Cook to the correct golden level: Do not over fry or toast the food as this is the prominent reason for the acrylamide chemical substance. Starch foods like root vegetables, bread, and potatoes needed to fry till it gets the golden color, the flame should be turned off after that.
·         Read the instructions: When you buy the raw food products from the market to cook and eat, carefully read the instructions given at the back of the product cover. These will provide you the precise idea of the product. Many small and big companies print the instructions for the making only after consulting with the Food testing Labs in Dubai to ensure people shouldn't cook the starch foods over the required temperature.
Avoid keeping Potatoes in Refrigerator: According to the report of Food and Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai, if you store the potatoes inside your refrigerator, it will result in the formation of the free sugars. When you bake, fry or toast the product overall acrylamide level tremendously increases. So it is better to keep your potatoes in open basket rather than storing inside the fridge.


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